Nutrition coaching helps guide you in a way to eat better, recognizing why you eat and assisting you in achieving your goals. This can help your sports performance, energy level, health, looks, and just feeling great!  

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Impact individuals' ability to achieve excellent health and performance in a sustainable, sensible, and emotionally healthy way.  Learn about every client, what makes them tick, what makes them eat, and why they have unhealthy habits.  Create a personalized plan that the client agrees will work for them and then support them throughout implementation and maintenance of the plan.  Make ongoing changes in consultation with the client regarding what is working and what needs to be modified.  Hold ourselves to high standards, and in so doing, have the respect and authority to hold clients accountable.  Achieve health and wellness together with kindness and firmness to get the job done.  Most importantly, put in the work to create long term, sustainable improvements that will endure.

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we are a team

This is a relationship.  We work together for your success.  It requires commitment from both of us, and I can help support you when you

Hands-on Support

We will be in contact almost daily, usually multiple times a day when more intense therapy is needed

Expert Advisors

You will receive personalized meal guidance, not a cookie-cutter approach downloaded from a website.  This is tailored to your particular situation, goals, and needs.

Continuous Growth

Making meaningful change requires effort and commitment.  Our services can help make it easier and more effective for you to attain your goals in a healthy way—so that you achieve them and keep them!

Operational Excellence

Highly skilled professional in nutrition and dietetics, as well as professional athlete.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you do not want to continue beyond the first week, you will get a full refund.


We take an active approach, investing our time and effort first getting to know you.  We want to know all about your eating habits, both healthy and unhealthy. We then work with you to develop a personalized plan, which you feel that will work for you, and we know will get you results if implemented.  We then monitor and support your progress almost daily and make course corrections as needed.

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Success Stories
Pounds lost
Years of experience


I struggled with an eating disorder for 5 years. I lost a lot of weight, muscle mass and almost ended up in hospital. I am now gaining muscle, performing better in sport and have a lot more energy. I am also mentally stronger. 

LILY T. 14 Y.O Aspiring Football Player

I was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol and Paige has helped me make better food and lifestyle choices to reduce that. I have found her support very helpful and her messages keep me motivated. Previously, I have never stuck to a dietary program for this long.

Pauline L. Support Worker

I have lost 25 pounds and regained a lot of energy by watching what I was eating and following Paige's advice. Paige's tips have helped to improve my daily life, and will last a lifetime.

KEVIN V.  Teacher

I am a high performer in college, but I put myself and my needs last.  Then I turn to food for comfort.  I needed to break this cycle, and Paige showed me how.

Christine B. College Student

During medical school and residency training, I really struggled with overeating and my weight.  I don't want to be one of those doctors who die in their 50's from obesity and stress.  Paige helped me lose 100 pounds and keep it off.  I cannot thank her enough.

Physician Client

I have noticed a difference in my eating habits and the size of my abdominal area. Paige taught me to understand when I'm not hungry, I shouldn't eat.  It sounds simple, but it was difficult for me until we overcame this.

Tati A. Digital Creator